Images of the Church in Mission


Images of the Church in Mission

Author: John Driver

(Scottdale, Pennsylvania: Herald Press, 1997) 240 pp.

By Joel Comiskey for Strategies for Todayís Leaders

In the Images of the Church in Mission , John Driverís central thesis is: The church, by the very nature of its calling, must be mission. To live its mission calling, the church must become  Godís contrast-society of witness (p. 44).

Driver believes that without a proper Biblical understanding of church imagery, the church tends to rely on secular examples. During the Roman empire, for example, the church adopted the images of power to guide its clergy and structure. Todayís church, according to Driver, often uses popular  business models to understand its mission and purpose.

Driver unveils the Biblical evidence that help define Godís chosen people. He expounds on the pilgrimage images, new-order images,  and peoplehood images of the church as a community of transformation. The book thoroughly examines the Biblical text for the church as the people of God, the family of God, a new creation, a new humanity,  sojourners, the way, as well as other rich imagery. 

Images of the Church in Mission is a worthwhile reference tool that youíll refer to often to deepen your knowledge of Christís church.